Welcome to my world!

I am a passionate story teller who uses ANY  medium to share life.

I love presenting, writing, doing comedy, being a football chaplain, interviewing people, sharing my Christian Faith , eating good burgers with chunky chips and encouraging people.

I am an activist against mesh implants and I love to Pray for breakthrough for folks with a variety of needs.

I am passionate about sharing stories of ordinary people who have lived through extraordinary things. I love to laugh and miss being able to use my spacehopper.

I am disabled yet very able – nothing defines me more than the Grace of God which gives me Hope and great joy.

I hate injustice and cover ups and I love to see happiness when people are set free from chains.

My life has been exciting, dull, happy, sad, confusing, terrifying , Peaceful and so much more.

I have come through anxiety, depression, illness, divorce, jealousy, poverty, comparison , injustice and a few bad wardrobe selections.

I have a film script, a book, 2 children’s books, 2 plays and a plethora of personal life stories from folks of all walks of life to share.. videos, extracts, photos and posts to come

I live with chronic pain but constant Love. My life is great. Let me share it with you…


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Thank you so much Jixi, I am new to this, still trying to get views etc..but the whole experience can be so cathartic. I love your poetry ..I writye poems but im afraid its twee rhyming couplets. I would love to learn new ways…


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