Heaven’s Harbour……

sunset header

The boats are bobbing nicely,

Their trips are all complete

The harbour berth’s are so inviting

Sail’s tied securely, off to sleep.


So their cargo goes exploring

Searching for, they know not what

Every town becomes a little boring

Every bargain already bought


Expensive owls for holding earrings

Tartan bags that cost the earth

Stifling yawns, the wise are weary

buying gifts four times their worth.


Are our loved ones really waiting,

For a wolf that tells the time?

Can a souvenir ever say things?

Is the present yours or mine?


This place is great, not the problem

Full of colour, crafts and light

Its just this reality is dawning

That i need to make things right


I can see you in the water,

In the hills and glens of old,

I can watch you in the potter

Or listen as your story is re-told


Ive been hiding from your voice

Even sailed the seven seas

Seems I blow my every choice

Are you sure youre wanting me?


Could the wind be blowing comfort

Can the stars direct their glow

Are the clouds celestial arrows

Giving hope a place to go


If you see me God, say hello

Please forget my stupid lies

I kow I said never, no and no

But  I guess i’d like to try


No commitment, not quite ready

Just a smile, or outstretched hand

Like a sailor holding steady

Till we reach the promised land.


So forget my clumsy dancing

Round the shores of life and time

I want promises and assurance

That I’m yours and you are mine


So my boat is bobbing nicely

Perhaps it’s trip is now complete

Heavens berths are so inviting

Sacred waters running deep


I will still be buying presents

Still seeking out the nicest parts

But im changed beyond all measure

With Jesus anchoring my heart.


By Lorna Farrell

December 2016




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