Goodbye Sweet Life…Day 30



So, lovely reader, it is day 30 of my 30 day Fast of all white stuff..refined sugar, white bread, potatoes, pasta, rice. Tomorrow I will be FREE  to eat what I want.I am actually feeling weird about it!

I thought I would be itching to jump into a barrel of peanut M&Ms and then munch my way through a foot long danish pastry before hoovering up my body weight of chocolate pretzls..seems I might just want to hold on to my new healthier moi….at least in part!

The whole point of this Fast was to see if it made a difference to my body and my spirit. I have been denying myself sugary goodness and replacing these favourites with healthier, ( less tasty) options. Meh…..

I have DEFINITELY  noticed a difference both physically and spiritually.

Spiritually , I have been using these cravings for sugar/white stuff as Prayer pointers – so every time I get a wee groaning for gooey glug, I have been going to God in Prayer. I must say, the Almighty seems pretty happy to listen to my inane – and literal – dribblings. I have been searching my soul for “rubbish” – trying to detox spiritually as well..

Let me explain before you all lose the will to live 😉

I have discovered as I have considered my spiritual health that I have been carrying extra weight, extra baggage that is doing me no good. I have been able in this time to clean up the areas wqhere I had been so stuffed full of toxic lies that my spirit was sprouting unoly spiritual cellulite!

I have been so confused as I struggle with my new disability, so upset over dreams , as yet, unfulfilled , so hurt over relational problems I can’t control that I thought God was punishing me. I realized  that I have stopped believing God has good things for me ..and have been waiting on the next bad thing to happen , presuming it is ALL  because I am such a failure..PHEW..That is a lot of untrue RUBBISH…And this thirty day Fast has helped me to want cleansing from this..I don’t want to be sluggish spiritually – I WANT TO BE A LEAN, MEAN PRAISING MACHINE…….And God has given me the sweet taste of His Fruit..The Fruits of His Spirit..Love, Patience, Kindness, Gentleness, Self Control, Joy, Peace, Goodness and Patience..WOW..I  want to fill my spirit with these things..Imagine how wonderful it would be to bear these fruit in abundance..well, I believe we are made for this..made in His Image to show others His Love and Kindness..and point them to Jesus, Our Saviour..WOW WOW WOW…

So, Spiritually this Fast has been EPIC..And I have been left wanting more of God..more of His Kingdom ..and MORE  of His Presence..



So, you can tell I have been impacted a little…( and that I am writing this after sitting by the river , reading the Bible and watching His Goodness in action) from that point of view I would heartily recommend it..



I have definitely felt lighter, leaner, less sluggish….the problem for me is that my medication adds pounds on rapidly , so although I cut out so much, I didn’t lose a single pound in weight..meh..but I did get rid of the horrible , sore bloated feeling that accompanied every meal or morsel. ( I still occasionally get it if I eat something that triggers my bloating..but only occasionallly) , I havent really enjoyed feeling slightly hungry all the time..but I have enjoyed a vague degree of smugness which has overtaken me on occasion as I consider the GOODNESS  I have been putting into my body..

I don’t think I will go back to white bread//pasta/rice…the brown, healthier varieties are actually tastier and I definitely intend to eat the same amount of veg n fruit I have been throwing down my unemployed cake hole with gay abandonment….


I really am looking forward to having some chocolate pretzls tomorrow…

I don’t think the occasional roast potato or chip is wrong..and I will certainly make room in Lorna’s lean little corner for Mike’s ice cream when I go back to Nashville!!

So – my body has been cleansed – for now- my spirit has been refreshed – all because I denied myself what had become some of my greates comfort- bordering on addiction.

I am not free of all desires for a double scoop salted caramel ice cream or the desire to believe lies and negativity about my Faith..but I feel stronger and more equipped to deal with them.

I think for me, this whole excercise has been invaluable.

I can’t believe its over- perhaps its not!

I wouldnt like to give you the wrong impression – whilst I tried to resist any refined sugar in any form..I failed on several occasions. My table of shame is, a double portion of vanilla ice cream with raspberry sauce,  dustings of chocolate powder on 4 of  my cappucinos, a salted caramel milk shake and two delicious, delightful, pleasantly plump Perkins biscuits at my mum’s house! There you have it – the sum of my sugar shame..

All joking aside, there is a time I would have focused on my failings – how I ate those things or failed God by losing my temper, judging someone, ignoring someones needs..(all of which I diid on this fast )..INSTEAD, I  am going to focus on this..FOR 30 DAYS I TRIED TO  LOOK TO GOD NOT FOOD FOR STRENGTH AND COMFORT….AND HE DIDN’T FAIL ME…


Thank you so much for reading this – I am still fairly new to blogging, so no doubt I have performed several “never write this…” , all I know is I am so grateful you would even consider reading my little ramblings…YOU ARE A BLESSING..Seriously…

Well, the Fast ends in a few hours, and leaner, wiser, more spiritually aware Lorna is off to buy some peanut M&Ms..just in case theres a party tomorrow…on my tongue!!






8 thoughts on “Goodbye Sweet Life…Day 30

  1. Thank you for your honesty. I have followed you and even prayed for you, as I often do. God would never punish you as you believed. If anything He has allowed these things to happen for a reason. The reason? To inspire others with your Faith, to share it and even in your greatest pain/bad days, you still hold onto your faith. That is a powerful message.
    You are doing so much more-author, comedienne, blogger and lots more.
    You deserve the M and M’s

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  2. Lorna, I’ve followed the blogs and am delighted you’ve got to the end of the thirty days without the M&Ms, I hope you’ve enjoyed a few handfuls in the last week as they’re the least you deserve! I can’t begin to understand the pain and frustration that your daily life brings, but I’m so glad you’re drawing close to the only One who can make sense of it. Wishing you many blessings, Jack


    1. Jack thank you SO much for the encouragement – I am really chuffed you read my blogs…especially after reading so many exclamation marks of mine over the years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really appreciate the encouragement thanks- Blessings


  3. I hope you enjoyed your chocolate pretzels. This past February, I started a new regime of removing gluten and refined sugar (and high glycemic foods) from my diet. The result, a loss of 30 pounds and more energy. So, I congratulate you on your new life choices. Finally, living with a chronic illness requires patience. And, tribulations worketh patience; patience, character (maturity), and character, hope. And, hope never fails.


    1. Rosie I certainly did enjoy my Pretzls..I am a bit disappoited as I have gone back to eating refined sugar in sweets..but I am sticking with brown bread/rice/pasta/sweet potatoes…so I am a little better off! I never lost ANY weight..but I am on powerful medication which adds the pounds rapidly, so I have a good unfortunately wheeling along in my wheelchair is no substitute for the 5 mile walk I did every day before this happened. Yes, God has been working in me – I have certainly learned to stop trusting my own will and look to Him. My character is SO in need of His Touch and I feel His Love Strengthening me. I am EXCITED at times at how much He cares about my whole being. Of course at other times I wander away my own way again…but I am learning!!! Thank you so much…your encouragement is invaluable..


      1. 🙏 I only lost weight after months and months of no gluten and no refined white stuff. The wheelchair is a hindrance to us (in terms of weight management). I don’t take any meds that add to my weight. No matter. Low glycemic is a good approach. You have a friend here who understands the pressure of trying to change a dietary lifestyle. And, you have a spiritual friend to boot!

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  4. Rosie you are such an encouragement! You absolutely know what so much of this journey I am on is like. I love the way you are “Pressing on toward the goal”, finding your voice despite these limitations and obstacles, you are truly inspiring as I know you have much more to deal with than me. YOU ROCK!!! And I am proud to call you my sister in Christ..and buddy in blogging 😀 xxx


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