Goodbye Sweet Life…..Day 27


So, I can’t believe I am on the home straight and I have resisted ice cream .in a magnificent milkshake from my favourite burger place…YEEHAH!!

I am on Day 27 of a 30 day  white stuff Fast to clear body and Spirit…and perhaps my bank account too –  why is that organic or natural or healthy equals expensive? How on earth can people on low income give their kids a healthy, balanced diet when the produce they require is extortionate? Meh..this is a blog in itself to come..

Back to my Fasting – I have been envisaging the delight of a plate of sugary nonsense followed by a cheeky wee hot chocolate when this is over – but suddenly my thinking is changing, as if I would be undoing some good work. Unfortunately what I have discovered is that my massive weight gain is due to my medication and immobility – as I haven’t lost a single pound in this past 27 days..therefore, I can eat what I want as I am going to gain weight anyway……yet, since flushing out some rubbish from my routine, I certainly FEEL  lighter, even if I don’t look it.

Cleansing my body has been quite remarkable – I was dreading brown rice and brown pasta, but I am actually enjoying them and have even started ordering sweet potato fries, such is my commitment. I love the fact that I am only putting natural goodies like fresh fruit and veg inside me ..well, if lightly salted tortilla chips are natural ;)…I think I may continue. The body says yes..well, the head maybe not the heart..

Spiritually I am loving it – I can’t believe it but talking with God is a lot more natural to me – I have no idea what difference sugar/white bread/rice/pasta makes, but its as if a door has opened and I keep going through it into His Presence…IT’S AWESOME!!

Today a friend and I sat for a good few hours studying the book of Obadiah..- which I knew hee haw about – and discussed the relevance of it today..( as I am not up a cliff in a craggy cleft attacking Israel)…marvelling at God’s Faithfulness and delighting in His Grace. I LOVED IT….

Yes, its about 4 hours later and I lie on my couch , writing this whilst cheering on Europe in the Ryder Cup , and I am still feeling FULL Spiritually. I may be a little noisy and ready to scream at the rather raucous and partisan U.S  crowd,,I may also be contentedly full of delicious prime beef with a simple side salad..but the most important part for me is that I am Spiritually sated. I have had a real “meal” of Wisdom and understanding. Just reading the Bible fills my Spirit with a strange goodness that is hard to explain..( I suppose I better try or this blogging will screech to a halt!)’s as if what I give my physical body in nutrition and sustenance; the Bible, Prayer, Praise, considering God and thanking Him for anything I can think of .is giving me a really healthy Spirit..with an appetite for more!

I can heartily recommend fasting something, anything, to see if it leaves more of a space for God. Give it a try…even if it’s only for a day, drawing closer to God is ALWAYS  worth it.

I can’t say I shall remain this Spiritually focused..after all, Europe are fighting back in the Ryder Cup with some superb golf on display – and the crowd are loudly trying to put them off..and it might help if I screamed at the T.V and gesticulated like a juvenile at any European putt…..but if  I stop and consider my Faith, I would say I am cleaner and closer in my walk with God..and that is worth far more than hot chocolate to me !!




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