Goodbye Sweet Life…..Day 24


So..less than a week to go on my 30 day refined sugar Fast…6 sweet days, all sugar free of course, to cleanse my body and Spirit…..and I can’t say I am sorry.

It’s not that I haven’t enjoyed being a No Sugar Nazi, (disappointed there are no uniforms to accompany the role), it’s more I am keen to see if I have actually what and how my culinary desires are. I can’t deny the prospect of my beloved chocolate prezls or peanut M&Ms coming once again to Mama enthrals me – but I really don’t want to gorge on them or use them as comfort ever again..but will I be strong enough?

The point of this wee challenge, if Mt Everest is considered wee, is to de-clutter my body from all the rubbish that refined white stuffs contain – I have given up  white rice/bread/pasta too – all the chemicals and additives mean that my physical body has a lot more work to do and , as I am on powerful medication and use a wheelchair to get about, I think it already under some stress. As a 50+ now, I really want to ensure my body is up for any challenges I throw at it, after all, worldwide skidoo travel and wheelchair bungee jumping require stamina!

Its not just my physical – would giving up the nasty white stuff affect my Faith relationship? I have a real desire to go deeper into my Spiritual walk with the God of all Creation..surely I better be as Spiritually  fit as a Spiritual fiddle?

Well, 24 days in I can confirm, I am certainly more Spiritually active. Every day I am seeking God on decisions I would probably plough on with myself..( without ever having actually owned a plough!)..stopping to listen to His Voice..God seems to actually CARE  how I spend the 24 hours He gives me daily..imagine that!

I like to get up in the morning, or afternoon if I am having a bad day..which is about 80% of the time, and come straight to the read the Word is like giving my soul the very best of grainy , brown, organic, seedy, fresh grown Goodness..seriously, something inside me responds to the written Word of the Bible- the stories, poems,. Prayers, songs, adventures, Wisdom, advice, correction, LOVE  that is inside. I don’t think I have ever “bothered” God as much as I am now – the Almighty doesn’t have a day without me pestering  Him about something..and, when I stop and listen, He is ALWAYS speaking..I think this Fast is really helping with that. Not that God couldn’t or wouldn’t speak to me when I was inhaling the white stuff, ( I hope any drugs related police will read my whole blog rather than that last line..haha, line, this is the joke that just keeps growing..ahem, concentrate Lorna..Concentrate..) of course He did – it’s just that i was often bloated on food or stuffed with additives and too stuffed physically to care Spiritually – I don’t understand the connection scientifically, I just know that I really am growing in my closeness, my living, breathing closeness to God..WOW..actual WOW!!!!!!!!! With this in mind, why would I clog up the process by eating the rubbish I used to?…..hhmmmmm


Of course one of the reasons I would cave in to the cravings is smell. Not mine, the aforementioned refined stuff. I never realised how powerful a pull white bread or chocolate twists or danish pastry had on me till i did this Fast. Every time I go into a coffee shop or even supermarket, my nose twitches like Samantha out of Bewitched with a cold. It is a real challenge to deny my watery mouth just a wee morsel of illicit loveliness..ok, ok, so I failed at Ice Cream Gate..but there was mitigating, I just can’t think of them…So, day 24 and as I type this in my favourite coffee shop, ( with no chocolate on my coffee and most definitely no cake..remarkable though the fudge prezl slice looks) I am glad in equal measures..glad I am a mere 6 days away from being able to eat some of the foods and sweets I am really missing..but also glad that through denying myself these things, I feel leaner and more win or double lose..I just know its day 24 and I am a happy bunny..just not the one that produces a gazillion chocolate eggs for the masses..( not the Masses as in the Catholic services …the masses as in lots of people, whew, I really have a gift for this double meaning malarkey don’t I? )

So..I sense , with all my physical and Spiritual awareness, that it is time to stop typing, post this, have another coffee..and hope you like it enough to press the wee button or , even better, leave a nice comment…go on, you know you want to…’ll be burning calories…


4 thoughts on “Goodbye Sweet Life…..Day 24

  1. Great piece Lords. Quite comical. Needs a few sweeteners here and there; you know, just to help the medicine go down. Spit spot to you and all who sail in you. Keep rowing and one day you’ll get out the boat and walk on water. Go kiddo go!!!!


    1. So many witticisms in one comment!!!Thank you kind Sir…I am amazes anyone reads them at all! All Glory to God for any good bits. Thank you for reminding me that there is something greater to press on for. I am so Blessed…and grateful for my brothers and sisters who lift me YOU! ! Blessings


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