Goodbye Sweet Life….Day 23


23 days without refined sugar…(well, a little slip up of ice cream n raspberry sauce at the weekend aside)…and I must say I am less “jumpy” about it.(As I use a wheelchair, this is certainly better for me!) My body has accepted that a delicious , chocolatey biscuit is not going to accompany every cup of coffee and hot buttered toast is an altogether seedier affair..( did you see what I did there?)

I am on a 30 day Fast to cleanse my body and Spirit- and I can definitely see and feel improvements in both.

Spiritually, I have been drawing much closer to God and much more frequently. I have been more aware of His Presence – of His desire to converse with me. I must admit I still act like the person who goes to the Dr, lists off their ailments then leaves without getting either medicine or advice..but I am learning to stay and listen….


I know, that sounds a little bit Bruce Almighty..but why not? ( At this point I am not suggesting Morgan Freeman is the living God and Creator of all mankind, more that as in the movie, God is reaching out to us, wanting to chat)…rather than struggling to try n sort all my problems out myself, I am actually finding it easier to leave them with God. To actually, tell Him what I am worrying about, especially as He knows anyway, then I can really get on with other things..SORTED!!

I am really spoiled to have a river at the bottom of my garden,,I get to enjoy birdsong , wild flowers, water  flowing or rushing past- it is the most perfect place to sit and Pray..and get eaten by midges.( Only one of these pursuits is pleasurable )..I have found my Spirit less heavy since starting this Fast..and it has brought me closer to God.


Now, what about the physical? Meh…It is very much still a battle..I WANT SOME PEANUT M & M s…..I imagine opening the bright yellow packet..and a smile creeps slowly across my face..HELP!!

It is not too difficult to get into a routine during the day, but at night when I am a little tired and a lot sore, the sugary deficit is a major bellyache..or crave.

I am well acquainted with those annoying little bars that promise much from their descriptions – delicious, sweet, filling, tasty..meh..NOT!! Still, I must admit although I am missing the taste of my favourite comfort foods- I feel a lot less sluggish, a lot less irritable..but I still manage to major on impatience and whining at times.

So – day 23 is drawing to a close and I am off for some grapes and a cheeky little fruit bar…

The weight may not have rolled off my tummy, but, more importantly, it is rolling off my shoulders….




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