Goodbye Sweet Life…Day 3


It’s true then…I am SERIOUSLY  giving up white stuff..(just to clarify I don’t mean any illegal drugs..I don’t take them –   I have a perfectly legal addiction funded by the NHS..but that’s a different blog ;))..ALL  sugar, white bread, potatoes, …GONE..But definitely not forgotten!

I am on Day 3 of a 30 day challenge- looking to cleanse my body and Spirit. What a silly plan I am now thinking!!

This morning I awoke feeling great actually – well great for someone with constant chronic pain – I descended the stairs with a new sensation growing – DETERMINATION..I was going to lick this fasting malarkey..(well, unless it had sugar of course, then there would be ZERO  licking ;))..I could do this. The Rocky music played  in my head…something was going DOWN…

Actually, the plan is it would be my weight..or the amount of rubbish in my head. I am really hopeful cutting down artificial foods will impact my Faith life as well as my physical health.

I love to   start my day by spending time with God – whether in Prayer or reading the Bible..but lately I have been getting  more fidgety than Faith filled and more anxious than attentive. So is this helping? Is God cutting through my brainfog now that there are less GMFs? Yes is the exciting answer….

It’s not like I have been given instruction on two tablets of stone or anything, (that was so last couple of millennia!) or had my life plan given me for the next 20’s more an awareness..I THINK  about God more often. I know – big deal you might say..but actually it is. I am thinking less about myself and my circumstances, ( which kind of suck at the moment) and more about Him..and other folks…reminds me that a lovely old Sunday school teacher I had back in the day taught me what J.O.Y is… living FOR  Jesus. Others. Yourself..( thanks Mrs Cochrane I have never forgotten that)…Its only three days in..but I am hopeful as I think more about God, I can hear Him speak clearer to me.. my Spirit is really hungry for that.

I love this verse,

”  Therefore, since we have been justified through faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ, 2 through whom we have gained access by faith into this grace in which we now stand.” – Romans 5 v 1-2.

I want to stand in His Grace and enjoy His Peace….SIMPLES!

Going less well is the physical body is SCREAMING  for some cheeky little chocolate kisses..or a brief encounter with a biscuit..a tantalising tango with a twix…I could go on!! Its tough being a weak willed greedy person on a 30 day white food fast …but I am resisting temptation so far…just might need to spend the next 26 days in bed!!!!!


Tune 4 today? – Let It Go by Idina Menzel…..





4 thoughts on “Goodbye Sweet Life…Day 3

    1. Thanx’s tough, but it actually feels quite empowering..but then i’m only on Day 4!! Hope you are well..for a meshie that is!! Take care n maybe we could actually grab a coffee at some point. x


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