Goodbye Sweet Life…..Day 2


So , the day dawned with a stifled yawn and a burrowing back under my duvet when I suddenly realised..I HADN’T WASTED AWAY!!

Yesterday saw a miracle..I didn’t eat ANY  peanut M&Ms..and nobody in my circle of life was assaulted..(these two facts are very much related!!)..RESULT!

Just as I thought I might burst into a spontaneous smile and punch the air victoriously , realisation hit me..I HAD TO DO IT AGAIN TODAY!!


I am on a 30 day fast to see if I can cleanse my body and my cutting out all white, processed foods..and  a lot of enjoyment too it appears..I never realised how much warmth and affection I had for processed sugar and artificial, chemical laden garbage…I miss those little GMFs…..

Actually , I don’t MISS  them, but I am craving them. I am sitting here imagining my chocolate biscuit top ten as I type..(Chunky kit kat is hands down number 1!!)’s really quite frightening how addictive they must be. Thank goodness they don’t do class A drugs in a smooth chocolatey coating , with a delicious caramel filling and soft biscuity…STOP…STOP..STOP.This is why I am trying to detox. My body is a sluggish, bloated swollen version of what it could be…more Hamburger Hill than Jessica Ennis Hill..but I have determination…Day 2 is quite difficult actually..but a visit from son number 2 has cheered me up and I experimented with my brown rice  delicacies for lunch..and he gave me the greatest empty plate for me to wash!!(Will my position EVER  change from wrapped ever so tightly around his little finger? )


My health condition is such that I can’t walk/stand/sit for any length of time..and I am in constant pain..on hardcore medication and using a wheelchair..I was going to try swimming again today..but getting stuck in the pool and needing hauled out by the lifeguard yesterday means I will wait another 24 hours for that particular torture again 😉

(Nothing is more flattering than my ever expanding derriere suspended in mid air while my top half was hoisted up. Just glad they don’t have harpoons!)

The major health benefit I am hoping for is Spiritual.

I love to Pray and would dearly love to meditate on the teachings of Jesus Christ and the Apostles…but I seem to either have a head full of drama which seems to shriek louder every time I try to be quiet and listen…or I day dream about life through the Lorna looking glass.

God speaks to us. Yes, through His Word in the Bible..even at that, my reading and studying is so often interrupted by the various rabbit holes I enthusiastically hop down. Why can’t I concentrate? Why can’t I be still? There is a Peace and Serenity that breathes a comfort and beauty to my Spirit that NOTHING  compares with..not even a multi pack of the little peanut guys in the  chocolate candy shells!!

I know my medication is playing a BIG  part. I am becoming more and more confused, ( who knew that was possible?)..with very low concentration ..I am also getting forgetful and making mistakes..even typing this..but I need the meds..

SO…Is the absence of white sugary stuff helping? Day 2 is very early to say..but so far , so good. I actually feel a little clearer..I am using my hunger pangs as Prayer get your requests in as i’m doing a lot of knee time!

I actually feel as if this whole experiment is drawing me closer to God anyway..simply because I desire more of Him…the Bible says

“Draw near to God and  He will draw near to you” …James 4:8

Thats what’s happening folks..the Almighty is moving closer..and I am daring to believe He wants to talk with me..I just need to LISTEN..BE STILL…CONSIDER HIM….

And stop asking Him His favourite chocolate biscuit!!( It would obviously be a chunky kit kat..they are DIVINE!!!)

Ok folks..Day 2 is almost over..I have survived..and there are no casualties..YET!!!

Tune for today? BREAKING UP IS HARD TO DO…..



4 thoughts on “Goodbye Sweet Life…..Day 2

  1. Although fun to read, I do sense that you are anxious about the effects of drugs on the mind as well as body. Lack of concentration, forgetfulness, tiredness and weight gain—all very much a consequence, but none the less, not good for the mental welll being. Imagine Cadbury’s and other sweets/biscuit producers, are panicking, knowing you are cutting these out of your diet. Your friends shall just have to eat more. Hope you do feel closer to God and that you are Spiritually refreshed at the end of the month


    1. Haha lovely Libby you are right the chocolate companies must be sorry about my fast!! I am worried about my meds but I just have to take things one day at a time..for just now I need them. I know God can change things in an instant. Thanks for encouraging me as ever. Pkease share my blogs..I’m hoping to do it regularly! Xx


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