Goodbye Sweet Life….DAY 1


Today was the beginning of my use of the  F word day…FASTING..its an absolutely horrible word!!

I have decided to embark on a 30 day quest for cleansing..inside and out. As you know from various posts/blogs..or perhaps don’t if this is your first, I have a strong Faith ..a love of and for Jesus Christ and I want to spend my life following His Teachings, living a Christian life….it seems to have got a little stuck lately. It’s not that I don’t believe, or that I have doubts..its just that I seem to be easily distracted and have a mind full of nonsense and negativity…( Wait a minute, this sounds like my primary 7 report card!)….so I am looking to connect again in the way that first brought me to Him…..( except not dressed in a velvet dress and playing hop scotch on the way to church aged 5)

I started by Praying from my bed before I got up..just in case I blew it all by hitting the bottle, spending all my money in the bookies and signing up for the local swingers club – phew, I did none of these things..then I started reading an awesome old book by John Bunyan called Grace Abounding to the Chief of Sinners…(I know, I know, it’s not a title to rival My Booky Wook..but its actually full of BRILLIANCE)…so far so good…..nothing to this Fasting malarkey…


I want to try cleansing my body as well as my Spirit…..hhhhmmmm…

I also decided to try fasting ALL WHITE STUFF..uh huh…when I first considered this, I thought that meant using the fridge, washing machine etc and I was most excited..alas means stopping eating EVERYTHING OF WORTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bread, gone….rice, cheerio …pasta, a rividerci…….sweets..SWEETS? But they aren’t white I protested loudly to the silly , sorry, “inspirational” book I am following…apparently my beloved M n Ms are not quite wholegrain health food variety!



I know myself well enough to know if I am to survive this prison sentence..sorry, 30 day fasting exercise, I can’t just sit around gazing at the drawer where I hide my sweets…(oopss, now my boys know)..I need to change my routine..

So, it is with great pride I tell you dear reader, that up from the couch I  arose and poured my great bulk into my trembling swimming costume..and gave it laldy for TWENTY  lengths!!!!!!!!!

(For laldy read swam shakily at a slow swimming  snail’s pace and in great pain…needing to be helped out the pool as I was too weak to get up the steps)

Still, no food had passed my lips – and , after a stroll at a dried off slow moving snail’s pace round the supermarket..I came home and ate lots of colourful veggies n eggs..the kind of M &M version of an omellette…

I have had no other food except three bites of a banana..and I feel GREAT…In a starving, tummy rumbling, craving sugar, missing crisps way 😉

Actually, the whole process with the food has helped me Spiritually. I don’t feel so contented with my sweety slobfest, so I am actually considering God and other things. I want to be the very best version of me I can be….I want to LOVE LOVE LOVE ..God, other people..even myself..and if cutting down on the artery cloggers helps me hear His still, small voice ..( well, perhaps God will speak a little louder to drown out the tummy rumbling!)..I hope to make this work.

So day 1 is nearly over…I am hungry but happy..and sense a Heavenly smile..perhaps just at my earnest pleas for gluten free to actually  mean taste filled!!

I hope to let you know how Day 2 goes……..meanwhile some nice music before bed…






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