I  am new to writing these blogs ..this will be my 5th attempt …but I am learning with each and every one.

I have been horrified to learn that some people misunderstood my attempts at humour and read them as insulting my family or friends. I WOULD NEVER DO THAT!!

I love my family and I am so thankful to the way we do life..the love we have for each other.

My boys are my world and I would never intentionally hurt or embarrass them,             ( although I manage to do both regularly!!).

I love my mum, she inspires and  provides – then and now – and I would never intentionally hurt or embarrass her.

I  love  my sisters, nieces and nephew and would  never  intentionally hurt or embarrass them either.

I also love God  – again would never intentionally hurt or embarrass the Almighty. ( Again I manage to do both..well, if it is possible, after all, He knows my heart!)


So , if you read any of my blogs and think I am slagging off ANYTHING OR ANYONE –  it will be my intention to slag ME….NOTHING OR NO-ONE  else.


I love my life  – its taken me years to understand who I am..and I am still getting there – but I know that I am not yet everything I would like to be..still a work in progress 😉

Thanks to everyone who has encouraged me to write these..and for your kindness in encouraging me to do more…I AM ON IT!!!

I will most certainly be far more careful ..might actually read them through before I post them..as what tends to happen is I get inspired by a memory  and it all tumbles out like skittles from the packet….perhaps making sense only in my head 😉

So – this has been my apology blog and , far more importantly, I hope it clears up to anyone who may have misread any previous blogs , any questions about if I was making a fool of anyone other than me.or if I was being ungrateful or unkind…I WASN’T!!

All the memories/situations I share are filtered through my own self deprecating humour..and my attempts to convey it in a blog. (Which may backfire on occasion!)

Thank you to everyone who has encouraged and understood me  – I really, really appreciate it..

Blog number 6 is on its way..this time with safety belts on!


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